Capital Alliance’s industry is small business lending, specifically as an alternative lender.

Alternative lenders are the solution to the financingproblems that have been plaguing small business since the economy collapsed back in 2008. Don’t be fooled by overly optimistic media reports about an ‘economic recovery’ when it comes to banks’ lending. The vast majority of banks—the so called “traditional lenders” (that in many ways caused the financial crisis in the first place)—are still not taking on the risk of lending to small businesses with any kind of widespread frequency.

It’s never been easier for small business owners to get the capital they need

Alternative lenders grew out of this void caused by the crippling risk aversion of these traditional lenders and rose up to meet the persistent demand that small business owners all over the nation have expressed for working capital solutions to help sustain and grow their businesses.

Alternative lenders are not scrutinized as intensely as banks and other traditional lenders, which are choked with regulations and requirements, because alternative lenders are ‘private lenders’. They possess and provide access to alternative streams of capital to the small business owners that are free to choose to borrow it from them.

Alternative lenders do not look towards traditional models of creditworthiness or FICO scores to determine whether or not to grant access to a small business that desires working capital. Rather, they’ve developed sophisticated modern algorithms that combine with human elements to asses risk in new ways that unlocks vital financing for thirsting small businesses that are getting ignored by traditional lenders.

On Deck Capital is a top alternative lender and recently released an IPO

Secrets of the Alternative Lending Industry

One key piece of evidence to ease a person’s mind about the nature, legitimacy, and future of the alternative lending industry is to take a look at one of the top companies in the alternative lending industry, OnDeck CapitalOnDeck recently became a publicly-traded company, with a well-received IPO that launched on the New York Stock Exchange on December 17, 2014. Capital Alliance Group is a trusted resource partner of OnDeck Capital.