Capital Alliance Group will continue to work hard to get back to an A rating, but will decline to pay money to a mismanaged organization just to be “accredited” by them

Many years ago the BBB was a lot more relevant in areas of consumer protection then they are today

Capital Alliance and the BBB

Capital Alliance Group had recently been victimized by the ineptitude of the Better Business Bureau.

At one time the BBB was the be-all and end-all of consumer protection

Capital Alliance Group Scam Website picture of the BBB giving terror group Hamas an A rating: An investigative reporter signed up for the BBB under the name of a well known terrorist organization, paid the fee, and was promptly awarded an A rating.

An investigative reporter signed up for the BBB under the name of a well known terrorist organization, paid the fee, and was promptly awarded an A rating

having an online presence was considered essential, that even calling the BBB “late to the game” is putting their lack of foresight extremely mild. While the BBB has indeed been catching up as of late, they still have a long way to go and have been significantly supplanted as the go-to consumer protection authority by sites that cater to the more net-savvy and oftentimes younger masses, websites such as Yelp, Rip Off Report, or Google reviews.

A gaffe as critical as not recognizing the importance of the Internet for doing business can be excused in a lot of cases, such as in the case of companies that exist in industries where it was just not straightaway advantageous or important to have an online presence—older companies that have been in business for a number of years and whose bottom lines were not immediately affected by not having even a website, for instance. But if you’re the BBB, and your business is a business whose whole business is businesses, and within that capacity making sure that they treat consumers fairly, you would think the internet would have been on your radar as a significant priority since, oh I don’t know—maybe like the mid to late 90’s. I get it—maybe the 2000 dot com crash came and went, and then they said to themselves, “Well there goes that internet, glad we don’t have to worry about that fad anymore… seemed a little bit too complicated for our taste anyway”. Except, even that wouldn’t have been an acceptable excuse because by the mid to late 2000s it was already clear again that the Internet was going to be a permanent fixture that would dominate our lives and culture going forward—and that businesses were moving towards taking advantage of this fact in droves. So now it’s 2015 and they’re finally starting to pay attention. Good for them. It’s about time.

I think the last paragraph speaks volumes as to the mismanagement inherent in how the BBB has been run over the course of at least the last two decades, but the real tip off as to how well the BBB has been operating as a company was when the BBB found themselves mired in scandal over their biggest affiliate, the BBB Southland, having been exposed by an investigative reporter to have participated in a scheme to award better BBB ratings in exchange for monetary compensation.


Wary was the business that tried to take advantage of a customer if there was any threat of making a complaint to the BBB even mentioned. Today however the BBB has been scrambling to play catch up in an effort to remain relevant and viable in this modern Internet age. Largely relegated to the nostalgic second-hand reputation that is lauded by those that are old enough to remember how effective the BBB used to be— consumers of a certain age

who ironically may also be struggling to catch up on our brave new online world— the BBB has suffered immensely by not recognizing in anywhere close to a “timely manner” the importance of the internet until so far after 

Capital Alliance Group Scam Website picture of Ted confused about the BBB: Capital Alliance Group will continue to work hard to get back to an A rating, but will decline to pay money to a mismanaged organization just to be "accredited" by them.

Capital Alliance Group was somehow lost in the shuffle as the BBB Southland affiliate that they were accredited under lost their charter with the overarching Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) umbrella organization. While the CBBB stated that businesses that were accredited under the BBB Southland could continue to use the BBB seal during the transition, and Capital Alliance Group continued to do so as instructed. The CBBB also made public overtures to the effect that at a later time during this transition they would be asking the BBB Southland-accredited businesses to recommit to the BBB’s “Code of Business Practices” and agree to resolve complaints in a timely manner. How this particular mandate was executed by the CBBB is anyone’s guess, but as evidenced by the shoddy way that the umbrella organization oversees its BBB affiliates, it was not carried out very thoroughly nor effectively whatsoever.

So Capital Alliance Group continued to use the BBB seal as they were seemingly encouraged to do, and carried on with business as usual—helping small business owners find the working capital loans they need to fund growth and success—and waited patiently for the follow-up from the BBB regarding any further requirements they needed to take to continue on with an untarnished BBB rating. With a fiasco such as this, you might think that the BBB would do a better job of following up with the businesses directly affected by the mess their bungling management created, but their blunders continued as Capital Alliance finally got a BBB follow up, but not the one they were waiting for. The BBB contacted Capital Alliance to inform them that they were in violation of misusing the BBB seal in their marketing materials because they were in fact no longer accredited! Somehow during the “transition” between being handled by the now-defunct BBB Southland, to being lumped into the jurisdiction of the newly appointed “BBB of San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties”, Capital Alliance was not informed of any of these developments—until it was far too late.

As can be imagined, this caused some major damage to Capital Alliance Group’s BBB rating, damage that Capital Alliance has been struggling to repair ever since. But we’re pleased to announce that the BBB has recently upgraded Capital Alliance Group to a solid B rating. An upgrade to an A rating will be sure to follow in the next few months, stay tuned.

Capital Alliance Group in particular was affected by this in a very significant way. Having been an accredited member of the BBB Southland, Capital Alliance had acquired an A rating by the traditional means—providing prompt and thorough attention to resolve any comments, concerns, or complaints as directed to the BBB regarding their business. But when this debacle bubbled up to the surface,