But it is also understandable that the recipient of this authentic looking check may overlook these revealing details and instead get distracted by the amount the check is made out for— on this particular check, $68,217.56— an amount that is just enough to get a business owner very excited, very quickly, but then also just as quickly, very skeptical as well. That’s when the recipient may start to ask themselves questions, “Is Capital Alliance Group a scam? Why did Capital Alliance Group send me a check? Should I try to cash this Capital Alliance Group check? Who is Tom Hamilton of Capital Alliance Group?”

These are healthy questions to ask and that’s when a diligent business owner will call the number provided and talk to a Capital Alliance Finance Consultant who would answer all of the questions and explain how the loan programs work. And they work very well—Capital Alliance Group has funded over $250 million to small businesses since 2008.

For the reader’s convenience we’ll delve into some of the questions above and provide some brief overview answers since these are usually the first questions that spring to mind when a business owner receives a Capital Alliance Group check and many of them may Google and find this website before they decide to call.


“Is Capital Alliance Group a scam?”

No, absolutely not. Capital Alliance Group is a legitimate alternative lender. They are not a bank, but a private company that is backed by investors. This gives them unprecedented flexibilityand freedom in who they can approve for business loans.

“Why did Capital Alliance Group send me a check?”

While not actually a check, Capital Alliance Group sent you a realistic looking check in order to get your attention; because they are trying to get the word about the financing opportunities they offer that are available to small businesses.

“Should I try to cash this Capital Alliance Group check?”

No, for the simple fact that it is not real and the bank teller you hand it to will tell you the exact same thing. The letter you received is printed on real check stock and it contains all the actual fully effective security features a real check has as well. But it contains no routing or account numbers and indicates on the back that it is just for promotional purposes.

“Who is Tom Hamilton of Capital Alliance Group?”

Tom Hamilton is someone over at Capital Alliance that cares very much about small business. He knows better than most people that small business is literally the backbone to the economic health and prosperity of the United States of America. He exists to help small business owners get loans and embodies the Capital Alliance Group culture and spirit.


So the bottom line is, the check itself isn’t real; but the loans offered by Capital Alliance Group unequivocally are.

Capital Alliance Group Sent Me a Check

On the back of the check, #5 clearly states “For promotional purposes only”

Capital Alliance Group Sent Me a Check!

So just what is it then? It is a way to get a business owner’s attention, nothing more. An envelope that contains an important message that seems to shout out “HEY BUSINESS OWNER WE HAVE CAPITAL OVER HERE IF YOU NEED IT!” A letter like this is usually welcomed with open arms by business owners that can’t get financing in the traditional places (banks) they used to be able to rely on for it. Capital Alliance Group is simply trying to get the word out about their ability to get small businesses loans that banks used to provide, but no longer make any effort to do. And as financing can end up making or breaking a small business and dictating weather it survives and thrives, it is critically important that small business owners receive this message and understand that there is a whole industry of alternative lenders that are ready, willing, and able to provide the loans that banks will not. And that it is easier than ever to get approved for them.

Yes, granted— the check looks overly realistic. It is definitely understandable that a business owner might upon first glance think that is a real check. After all, it has all the normal security features of a real check, such as water marks, micro printing, and artificial fibers. But astute business owners will notice right away that there are no account numbers or routing numbers on the front of the check—important prerequisites to making it valid, cashable check. Upon further inspection recipients will notice that on the back it clearly states, “For promotional purposes only. This check is non-negotiable and has no cash value.”

Did Tom Hamilton of Capital Alliance Groupsend you a check? You’re not alone. Capital Alliance Group sends thousands of these checks in the mail every single week. The first thing that you need to know about this check is that it’s not actually a check. You cannot cash it, so do not even try. The second thing you need to know is that it is definitely not a scam, so you can rest easy and put those fears to bed right now.